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5 Best Maybelline Mascara Products of All Times!

Best Maybelline Mascara

Maybelline is known for creating “America’s favorite waterproof mascara.” The best Maybelline mascara is repeatedly their Great Lash Mascara. The Great Lash mascara is a smudge proof mascara

Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes – Top 10 Cheapest Picks!

Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

Are your eyes sensitive to eye make-up? Do you start the night looking like a fashion model, and end up looking like you’ve come down with pink eye? Choosing makeup that is formulated especially for sensitive eyes

Best Volume Mascara – Top 10 Best Sellers!

Best Volume Mascara

When shopping for the best mascara, several factors come into play. Which mascara is the best volume mascara? Which product offers the best smudge proof mascara?

7 Most Unexpected Ingredients In Mascara!

Ingredients In Mascara

The cosmetic industry uses many ingredients that would shock and worry us a little! From table salt to arsenic to animal by-products, the cosmetics that make our skin glow and our lips shine are very surprising.

Smudge Proof Mascara Tips For A Wild Night Out!

Smudge Proof Mascara

Any mascara product does not always mean smudge proof mascara, so how do you keep your mascara from spreading? If you are enjoying a wild night out, at some point