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Top 10 Small Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Small Tattoo Ideas

You may have many reasons for wanting a small or very small tattoo. In some cases, location demands something with more compact dimensions as is the case for people looking for inner lip tattoo ideas.

Top 10 Foot Tattoo Ideas

Foot Tattoo Ideas

Ah the foot tattoo. While normally reserved for the ladies, there is quite an element of toughness associated with getting inked on the foot.

Top 10 Tattoo Ideas For Men

Tattoo Ideas For Men

While almost all tattoo ideas can be fitting for a man or a woman, there are certainly some images, color schemes and interpretations that are more fitting as mens tattoo ideas.

Top 10 Female Tattoo Ideas

Female Tattoo Ideas

Ladies and mens tattoo ideas are often at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Design and color can vary immensely between genders with men often selecting darker hues

Top 10 Most Unique Tattoo Ideas of All Time

Unique Tattoo Ideas

Making the choice to get a tattoo will involve many decisions. You will need to not only explore tattoo ideas, but also consider size, location and color scheme, if any.

Tattoo Removal Cream – Does It Really Work?

Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo removal cream is nothing more than wishful thinking and hope in a nicely labeled and neatly packaged, overpriced jar. For people facing extreme regret following the application of a questionable tattoo, or one applied by a less than skilled artist, tattoo removal is almost always something that is explored.

Tattoo Removal Machine – What To Choose and Where To Buy?

Tattoo Removal Machine

So, you are considering purchasing a tattoo removal machine. Why? What on Earth has possessed you to think that you can simply tackle this procedure on your own? The tattoo removal process is something that people have to be trained how to do properly, and you could injure yourself if you just go lasering away at your tender dermal layer

Tattoo Removal at Home Review – Is It a Safe Procedure?

Tattoo Removal at Home

Considering the exorbitant cost of tattoo removal by professionals, many people are left exploring alternative options for getting rid of ink that they have since application begun to regret. Whether it be a memento from a relationship gone bad, a bad piece of artwork applied by a novice or overconfident artist

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost – 10 Best Locations in US!

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

For many people, laser tattoo removal cost is exorbitant and unrealistic and this can be particularly true in certain major cities or metropolitan areas where the costs of cosmetic procedures can literally skyrocket. This can leave people looking for options for tattoo removal at home such as various skin irritating creams