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Skin Infection Antibiotics Treatment – Is It Effective?

Skin Infection Antibiotics

When we think of the word “infection” the first thing that springs to many people’s minds is antibiotics. While they are still the go to product for all sorts of infections

Boils on Skin Causes and Treatment Options

Boils on Skin

Boils are an infection on the surface of the skin and are most commonly caused by bacteria entering through cracks or openings in the skin’s surface.

Home Remedies For Boils on Back and Neck – What To Use?

Home Remedies For Boils

There is absolutely nothing attractive or appealing about a boil. These bumps which are actually the result of an infection in the hair follicle or skin oil gland usually start off small

Symptoms of Cellulitis – What To Watch Out For?

Symptoms of Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a disease of the skin that is normally caused by either staph or strep bacteria, although recently it’s been suggested that a MRSA staph infection as a cause is becoming less uncommon.

Cellulitis Infection Treatment Options

Cellulitis Infection

Cellulitis is a common bacterial disease of the skin that is caused by two different types of viruses, streptococcus or staphylococcus. A cellulitis skin infection often occurs as a result of bacteria penetrating the skin’s surface through a break in the skin, much like those caused from mosquito or other insect bites, scratches

Nasal Impetigo Treatment Options

Nasal Impetigo

When people get sick, one of the most common symptoms is a runny nose. When your nasal drippings proceed southward, they can irritate the sensitive skin below. This can be a perfect recipe for concocting nasal impetigo, a very contagious bacterial infection. Skin infections are not uncommon and neither is impetigo.

Impetigo Symptoms and Treatment

Impetigo Symptoms and Treatment

Impetigo is a very common skin infection. It’s caused by bacteria such as strep or staph, and most frequently, due to bacteria entering a break on the skin’s surface, such as those caused by scratches and bites. MRSA staph infection is also an increasingly common cause. It also occurs when there is no evident break in the skin. Impetigo in adults and kids is extremely contagious, and it’s important to take proper precautions to prevent the spread of this condition at the onset of impetigo symptoms.

7 Interesting Facts About MRSA Staph Infection

MRSA Staph Infection

MRSA staph infection is short for methicillin-resistant staphlyoccocus aureus. This bacterium is hard to kill because traditional antibiotics for staph infections don’t work.

Cellulitis Causes And Prevention

Cellulitis Causes

Cellulitis causes include both staph and strep bacteria. The bacteria enter through a sore, cut or insect bite. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the lymph nodes and blood.

Impetigo In Adults Vs In Children Differences

Impetigo In Adults

Impetigo in adults is far less common than impetigo in children. Impetigo in adults and children alike is caused by either staph or strep bacteria. If the skin is irritated or injured