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Candida Overgrowth Treatment – What Is Working and What Is Not?

Candida Overgrowth Treatment

Of all the misunderstood fungi, candida is likely the most well known. This typically content, body dwelling yeastie occurs naturally on all of us most of the time.

Top 5 Candida Infection Symptoms Not To Miss!

Candida Infection Symptoms

While there is some debate in the medical community about the effects that a candida overgrowth can have on the body, there are some candida infection symptoms that you might not be aware of

Yeast Skin Infection – How To Deal With Stubborn Candidiasis?

Yeast Skin Infection

No matter how much we wash and clean, our skin is still covered in all sorts of microscopic gunk that can on rare occasion, cause us some grief. One such obnoxious permanent skin resident is candidiasis.

Ringworm in Children Symptoms and Treatment

Ringworm in Children

Nobody wants to come across an odd mark, rash or red spot on their child, however fungal infections of the skin do occur in children, and ringworm is not uncommon. This skin temporary skin condition, caused by a couple of different types of fungus, is transmittable via high fives or even your family pet. It’s particularly spreadable

Ringworm Treatment For Humans – Prescription vs Over The Counter?

Ringworm Treatment For Humans

Of all the conditions that have been given unpleasant and unfortunate names, the fungal skin rash known as ringworm is likely a top winner. Perhaps named because of the shape that the offending fungi create, a clearly defined circle with well noticeable edges, this ring o’ rash can cause itching, which only makes it that much easier to spread.

Fungal Skin Rash Causes and Remedies

Fungal Skin Rash

Rashes of all sorts are uncomfortable, often itchy and can be embarrassing, however those that result in a fungal skin rash can be even more difficult to deal with both from a spreadability and treatment perspective. One of the most common types of fungal skin rash is Athlete’s foot. Not only does Athlete’s foot result in symptoms

Types of Fungal Infections of The Skin

Fungal Infections of The Skin

Fungal infections of the skin are a common problem, especially in warm weather or climates. In order for fungal infections of the skin to flourish, they need a warm, moist environment.