Tri Luma Cream Benefits and Side Effects

Tri Luma Cream

There are multiple options for prescription treatments for melasma, however Tri Luma cream holds the distinction as being the solitary contender that contains three individual active ingredients that purportedly create a better and more effective product. Many products designed for melasma treatment contain similar or identical ingredients to this cream; however all of these products contain only one or two active components instead of a trifecta of skin lightening power like Tri Luma cream.

A short term treatment course is what you can expect with this state of the art skin pigmentation treatment as it’s designed specifically for a course of use of 8 weeks or less. This is truly ideal since avoiding the sun is of the utmost importance when using this melasma cream and so the shorter the inconvenience of avoiding Mother Nature’s toaster the better. Tri Luma cream is truly beneficial to the severe sufferer of melasma because it works in multiple ways for maximum efficiency. Fluocinolone acetonide reduces inflammation which can improve the overall look and feel of the skin, while hydroquinone, the sure fire choice amongst skin lightening products for years, works hard to help the skin appear lighter. Meanwhile, the third ingredient, Tretinoin, acts as an exfoliant, which helps contribute to a more frequent rate of skin cell replacement. Because of the important job of each of these elements, Tri Luma has been said to be more effective than some of the best bleaching cream options on the market.

There are some downsides to Tri Luma Cream however, and they come in the form of side effects. As with many medications, most side effects associated with this product are mild and common amongst skin care medicines. Redness and drying along with burning and peeling are not horribly uncommon and many of these subside after the first few days of use. There are people who have experienced an allergy to Tri Luma cream and it’s important that you pay attention to your symptoms and seek medical attention if any of them are indicative of an allergy. Acne and hair follicle issues have been reported in some users of this product and sweat issues, stretch marks, thinning skin, infection of the skin and glandular problems have also been encountered in some users, although less frequently than the more common side effects. There are some other occurrences that you should be aware of before trying Tri Luma Cream. You may notice that your skin’s tolerance to heat and cold is altered while using this medication. You also, of course will need to spend as little time as possible outdoors, and ensure that any time spent outdoors involves extremely well protected skin.

If your doctor has prescribed this product for you, it’s because he or she has determined that the benefit to you is greater than the associated risk. You can discuss any concerns you have about this medication with your health care provider, along with any side effects that you are uncomfortable with or that you find unusual. Typically, within 8 short weeks, you will notice less and less of the dark areas that have plagued your skin leaving you with an evenly toned and balanced complexion.