Trilastin Review For Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Trilastin Review

I actually had to scour the web to find a reliable trilastin review that sounded like it wasn’t written by someone who worked there. This concerned me. Right away I knew something was amiss.

Trilastin is one of what seems like 10 million products designed to eliminate everything from adult and teenage stretch marks to acne. The problem with creams and lotions is that there doesn’t have to be any scientific evidence that they work for them to sell by the case-ful. We all want so badly to find a product that will cure our cellulite legs and our pregnancy scars that we will try just about anything. But if you make it to the end of this trilastin review, you will know that this isn’t the product to do it.

Now, I will point out that although I am sort of writing a trilastin review, I have never tried the product. I have read enough to know that I need to accept the fact that my stretch marks from having my son are battle wounds and memories that I will cherish forever. Sure, they keep me out of a bikini, but frankly it’s better for all parties involved that way.

Many people will stumble across this review looking for the best stretch mark cream on the market. I urge you all to remember that there is no such thing. Revitol stretch mark cream, Nivea products and trilastin alike are all the same thing – creams! Stretch marks are deep scars in your dermis, far below where surface applied topicals are going to be very useful. You might achieve some fading of the stretch marks, this is not eliminating them, but it can lighten the color and make them less noticeable. May products can achieve this however, and you don’t have to overspend on trilastin to slightly reduce their appearance.

Again, this trilastin review comes from a non-user. It comes from someone who knows that those stretch marks are here to stay. From someone who knows that cellulite and stretch marks affect 90% of women, but are still something unique to everyone.