Turmeric Psoriasis Treatment – Is It a Viable Solution?

Turmeric Psoriasis Treatment

There is an increasing buzz in the psoriasis community about turmeric, an exotic spice frequently found in curries and an important ingredient in the diets of many people. How turmeric relates to psoriasis is still relatively unknown, but it’s thought that curcumin, a compound found in the spice, may inhibit the growth of an enzyme that could potentially be responsible for overactive cell growth, which explains why the turmeric psoriasis relationship is warranting further study.

For people who have had little success with over the counter psoriasis treatment and those who are not ready for injections or other expensive or side effect laden types of therapy, turmeric psoriasis treatment might seem like an appealing option. It’s inexpensive, readily available, and has shown to be effective in some people. In fact, it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular psoriasis natural remedies. This method can prove to be particularly attractive in the management psoriasis in children where medications and even some creams can yield undesirable side effects. What’s also notable is that turmeric psoriasis treatment seems to be effective in all types of the condition, proving successful in some cases as a guttate psoriasis treatment and also useful in the plaque form of this malady.

Ingestion or topical applications are both indicated as methods for using turmeric for this skin condition. Some users make a paste with turmeric and water and apply to the skin and cover with bandages, gauze, or other wrappings. Normally, this is done overnight and then cleaned off in the morning. Additionally, supplements or dietary additions are used in a turmeric psoriasis treatment. Gel capsules are common for this use, and if you decide to use the supplement form, make sure that you follow the package directions and consult with your health care provider before use, particularly if you are considering use in children. Combining turmeric with other simple treatments such as psoriasis creams can boost the potential for success as well.

When it comes to alternative remedies such as the turmeric psoriasis treatment, it’s important to remember that no two people suffering from this condition are the same. Each sufferer is unique and will experience success with some remedies where others have had none or, no success with medications and treatments that others have seen desirable results with. As such, it’s impossible to know how much victory you are going to have when using turmeric for your skin condition. However, as far as remedies go, if you are considering an alternative option, turmeric is inexpensive, has shown mixed results with regards success, and yields little to no adverse effects during use, and so it might be worth trying, particularly if you are looking for a remedy that is natural, potentially effective and safe. Remember that your home care routine, if done properly, will help increase your chances of success with any remedy or treatment. Following your doctor’s recommendations with regards bathing, moisturizing and sun exposure will certainly increase your chances for a positive outcome when trying turmeric psoriasis treatment.