Turquoise Nail Polish Designs – What To Choose?

Turquoise Nail Polish Designs

There is always some shade of blue that is all the rage, but no shade has maintained the consistent popularity of turquoise. Whether using the stones in interesting jewelry pieces or pairing a complementary sweater with turquoise nail polish, the shade is coming back, and not in an 80’s Southwestern motif kind of way.

Today’s looks are all about being modern, without being tacky or overly art deco. When considering your nail design, you must first start with a color. Consider Boracay Beach, a deep turquoise nail polish by Nailluv. True, it’s deeper than other similar uv gel nail polish shades, but it will pair well with neutral ensembles and still leaves a lot of room for creativity. If you want a more traditional shade of turquoise nail polish, then consider a selection from IBD gel shades. Their shade named Jupiter Blue, a traditional turquoise nail polish is just enough of that classic color to offset a cool and contemporary design.

Once you have decided on a color, you have to decide if you are going to tackle gel nails at home, or have a professional do it. At home design will limit you to decorative lines, swipes and swirls unless you are a skilled artist. Should you elect to have a design done by a nail technician, you can add jewels, airbrushing and patterns to your heart’s content. UV gel nails are becoming increasingly popular in salons, meaning that the design that you have spent so much time deciding on will last longer that it took you to decide on it, so choose wisely because you may be stuck with your new look for up to two weeks (not that that’s a bad thing!)

Consider interlocking gold circles on your new blue hued nails. It’s elegant and fun and pairs well with many types of outfits. If you want something funky, nothing says wild like black zebra stripes on a cool blue nail. Add a complementary color like magenta in subtle amounts for a summertime sizzle, and when winter has you down, get festive with off centered silver stars. Remember that “accent nails” are big right now, and you can choose to design only one, or make one nail different from the others by adding a decorative gem or turn your pattern in a different direction.

No matter what pattern you choose, your color selection is the most important element. Making sure that you’re happy with your shade will make sure you are maximizing the long lasting potential of your new look.