Types of Rosacea – Which One Do I Have?

Types of Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that is often confused with acne. There are four different types of rosacea, depending on the symptoms. Some of the noticeable symptoms of rosacea are the formation of spider-web like formation of inflamed blood vessels, blushing and redness, itchy eyes, thick skin or swollen nose, bumps/ pimples similar to acne.

Ocular rosacea is one of the types of rosacea that involves eye problems such as it chinning and reddening of the eyes before as the skin changes. Rhinophyma rosacea is characterized by the thickening of the skin on face or the nose and is most commonly seen in males.

Although the causes of rosacea are unknown and there is no specific cure, several treatments and medications are available that might help curb the symptoms. There are several treatments for different types of rosacea, ranging from antibiotic medications to surgical laser treatments to minimize the appearance and alleviate the symptoms.

According to a research article published in American Academy of Dermatology, non-antibiotic medications were found effective in controlling pimples, redness and inflammation (which is thought to be the result of the presence of excess amounts of antibacterial peptides (AMPs)), which is commonly seen in two of different types of rosacea – Acne and Red face rosacea. This is good news for people that have been taking antibiotic medications for rosacea that often have negative side effects.

The article also mentioned that during stress (a common rosacea trigger), the nervous system releases ATP into the skin, triggering unique chemical reactions that might cause bumps and pimples. Although, many questions need to be answered prior to fully using the research, it is evident that reducing stress serves as one of the best natural remedies for rosacea, along with following a good nutrition, exercise routine and avoiding other rosacea triggers.

Self-care guidelines like avoiding harsh sun rays, processed/ junk food, stimulants like alcohol, nicotine or coffee, applying cold compresses in case of irritation and pain can be very helpful in reducing some of the symptoms.

Rosacea can cause a person to lose his/her self-confidence. While finding natural cures to get rid of rosacea is best way to tackle the problem, cosmetic fixes like makeup can help a person deal with the emotional consequences. Water based multi-functional cover corrective foundation is the best makeup for rosacea. Care should also be taken to use only mild natural ingredients as artificial substances can cause skin irritation.