Underarm Hair Removal – Laser or Creams?

Underarm Hair Removal

There are a number of options for underarm hair removal. For years women have resorted to razors to remove underarm hair. Now there are a variety of choices. Hair removing cream is available that is safe to use on the delicate underarm area. Be sure to read the labels. Creams for underarm hair removal give longer lasting results than shaving.

Underarm hair removal can also be done using laser light. Laser light is directed through the hair shaft, eventually reaching and destroying the follicle which is responsible for hair growth. This procedure is not for everyone. Unless the Nd:YAG laser is used, people with dark skin run the risk of blisters, changes in skin color, and scarring. The lasers do not work on white hair and they aren’t very efficient when it comes to blonde hair. Whether it is laser hair removal underarms, bikini line, or laser hair removal upper lip there are some side effects that should be considered. Side effects of laser hair removal include redness, swelling, and occasional blisters. You should also consider the fact that you may have to take as many as 5 to 7 laser treatments before the hairs stop growing altogether.

Another option for underarm hair removal is electrolysis. In this process, a very mild electric current is applied to the hair follicle to immediately destroy it. The hair will not grow back. Each of these procedures has risks and benefits. You should have a discussion with your dermatologist or aesthetician to discuss which approach is best for you. You should also consider a second opinion. At that point, you can weigh the cost, risks and benefits and decide which treatment is right for you. The cost of these procedures will vary depending on how extensive the work is, who is doing the work, and the geographical location.