Urticaria Hives – Most Common Types In Adults

Urticaria Hives

Urticaria is a skin condition brought on by the chemical substance called histamine released from mast cells. Urticara hives are mainly divided into acute and chronic depending on the amount of time the condition lasts. Acute urticaria lasts for less than 24 hours or in some rare cases, lasts for a few weeks. Chronic hives keep recurring and can last for months or even years. The causes for chronic hives are hard to pinpoint and are usually thought to appear as the result of the person’s own immune system triggering the reaction. The following are a few of the most common types of urtricaria hives found in adults:

Allergic Urticaria
Allergies to otherwise harmless substances like food (shell fish, nuts, and dairy products etc), airborne substances, chemicals in processed food, drug intolerances, insect bites, other allergens like detergents, soaps, cosmetics, pollen can cause urticaria hives.

Physical Urticaria
Urticaria hives can also appear because of environmental factors like heat, cold or exposure to sunlight, physical stimulus like direct injury, exercise, scratching etc. Although not very common in adults, itchy hives can be a result of underlying skin condition like urticaria pigmentosa (presence of more inflamed mast cells in the skin). When lesions on the skin are scratched, hives develop as a result. In adults, urticaria pigmentosa can sometimes turn into a more serious skin condition systemic mastocytosis.

Stress-Induced Urticaria
In some people with chronic urticaria, emotional distress and stress can also trigger the skin reaction. Implementing de-stressing techniques like meditation, yoga or tai chi can prove very effective.

Hives treatment for adults is usually the use of anti-histamines which are prescribed to reduce the inflammation by blocking the action of histamine. Prevention is the best cure for urticaria hives. Keeping a track of substances or physical stimuli that are acting as the triggers and avoiding them as much as possible will serve to limit the symptoms of urticaria.