Using Baby Lotion on Face For Newborn Tips

Baby Lotion on Face

Most pediatricians and nurses will advise that you not use baby lotion on face areas, especially for the first few months of your child’s life. Rashes and red bumps on the face are common primarily in the first couple of weeks after birth, and even the most gentle of lotions could cause further irritation to these areas. If it makes you feel better to apply some water to soothe any areas of the face that look particularly dry or irritated, do so in between baths.

While chance of worsening the condition or discomforts are primary concerns, it’s important to remember what your baby is doing every day during the early months. They are exploring. They are sticking their hands in their mouths; hands that are constantly rubbing their faces. This leaves them wide open to transfer that gooey baby lotion on face regions directly into their bottle suckers. Most baby lotions are harmless but none of them, not even organic baby lotion, should be ingested by an infant.

Baby lotion on face areas is also a concern because of the close proximity of frequently dry and irritated areas, such as the upper part of the cheek, to the eyes of your newborn. Since the child is unable to communicate discomfort, you would be largely unaware of whether or not your little explorer just smeared a bit of one of your favorite baby organics products right into their little peepers.

Baby lotion is a necessity to combat the ever changing skin of an infant, but it has its place, and that place is not on your child’s face. Aveeno baby products are wonderful for using on baby’s skin, but even these should not be used on the face.

Home remedies are well known such as coconut oil skin benefits. However, moisturizing revelation it is, but a safe baby lotion on face areas it is not. Natural compounds come from nature, but still contain elements that could irritate baby’s skin and eyes. Save the products for those dramatic teenage years instead.

Everyone wants the very best for their babies, and when it comes to their skin, we tend to over think things a little more than we should. Keeping baby clean and moisturized is easy, so long as you avoid sensitive areas that could cause your little one discomfort.