Varicose Veins Home Treatment – What To Use?

Varicose Veins Home Treatment

When veins become swollen and painful, and appear as dark purple bulges and bumps along the legs, they are known as varicose veins. Symptoms include the obvious noticeable veins in the legs, swelling and skin ulcers. Usually affecting women, and a frequent annoyance of the expecting mother, these purple squiggles are usually more of a cosmetic aggravation than a health condition. As such, home care, which for many conditions can be considered an alternative treatment, is usually the first and sometimes only option in the case of varicose vein treatment.

Basic care techniques are at the core of varicose veins home treatment. For instance, staying off your feet for long periods of time can keep them from getting worse and also can help with varicose vein pain. Keeping the legs and feel elevated while lying down can also help. Support hose or compression stockings, which are used to help improve circulation, are also typically employed.

Other methods of varicose veins home treatment include over the counter creams, salves, balms and ointments. These varicose veins cream concoctions are not miracle products. They can be effective at reducing the appearance of some lighter and less obtrusive veins, however. Dermal-K contains (as the name implies) vitamin K and can help diminish the look of purple bruises and veins. StriMedix-K also contains the named vitamin, however has phytotonine as well, which improves elasticity as well as vitamin C and E. It’s great for varicose veins home treatment, and also deep bruises and even rosacea.

If varicose veins home treatment fails, and lifestyle changes, compression garments and spider veins cream are unsuccessful, then home treatment is probably no longer an option. For some people, this can lead to surgery. Surgery is often reserved for people who have extreme pain associated with their condition. “Vein stripping” is the name given to the procedure which results in varicose vein removal.

For most people, spider veins are never much more than an eyesore and a preventer of shorts and skirts. However, for others, those who experience pain and impairment due to the condition, more drastic measures can become necessary.