Very Oily Skin – Which Skin Care Products To Use?

Very Oily Skin

Whether you have very oily skin or not, walking down the skin care aisle at the drugstore can seem like a daunting task. There are those of us that would rather have dental work than spend an hour reading product labels. When looking specifically for oily skin remedies, your shopping list might be shorter than you think. Below are some basic, staple items that should be included in your skin care for oily skin routine.

First, stop assuming that you don’t need to moisturize because you have oily skin. Moisture is water, and oil is oil. They’re not the same. Sure, you shouldn’t rinse your face in vegetable oil, but that doesn’t mean you want to dehydrate your first impression maker. Include an oil-free moisturizer into your oily skin care routine to keep your skin soft and supple. Try to find one with an SPF to give you protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Let’s face it; oily wrinkles are not something you want spreading from cheek to cheek.

Additionally, very oily skin doesn’t require sandpaper and lava rocks to come clean. Use a gentle cleanser to start, and wash at least twice a day to remove excess oil. There are a lot of great cleansers and bars that work well on all skin types. If a regular cleanser yields sub-par results, acids (not the 1970’s Woodstock type) are great for removing oil. Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, beta hydroxyl, and benzoyl peroxide are all common products found in treatments for very oily skin. Make sure you test items containing acids first to ensure that you don’t have a mild skin reaction from any of them. Toners are another acid containing product targeted towards people with very oily skin. They are great at removing oil however, on occasion, toners can over-dry and over irritate, leading to increased oil production, so use only when needed.

Getting to the source of your oily skin causes will enable you to make better decisions about what products are right for you. Talking to your dermatologist about your skin type and developing a proper regimen, in conjunction with the proper products, will help you get your oily skin under control in no time.