Vitamins For Nail Growth and Strength Review

Vitamins For Nail Growth

When our bodies aren’t getting enough of the nutrients they need, our skin, hair and nails are usually the first indicators. Nails in particular can show signs of damage due to poor nutritional intake. Dry nails, splitting fingernails, brittleness and inability to grow are all just some of the signs and symptoms that your nails may be starving, literally! If you are experiencing any degrading of your nails, don’t automatically assume you are plagued with infection or other fingernail diseases, your solution could be as simple as changing your diet, or considering a supplement.

Thankfully, most vitamins for nail growth are things that your body needs anyways. For instance, Biotin, a key component to adding strength and health to nails, is a part of the B vitamin group that is important for metabolism and cell regeneration. Think “B” for Biotin for nail growth, and “B” for beauty, as this power packed essential is one of the most critical vitamins for nail growth and health, and also that of your hair and skin. Calcium, the all important bone builder, can be considered another extremely important addition to your vitamins for nail growth arsenal. Your bones will benefit as well. Vitamin A and Folic Acid are also frequently referred to as beneficial vitamins for nail growth. When it comes to measuring the success of dietary changes or supplements for an increase in back scratcher growth and strength, consider that most non-underlying health condition caused nail issues result from deficiency in key vitamins and minerals, and while it’s unlikely that you will see rapid results by dietary changes, the long term benefits will be apparent. Remember though, there is no reason to be dismayed when you don’t see an overnight change. Nails grow at only a small fraction of a millimeter each day, and healthy growth will only be possible when the nutritional needs of your body are being met.

It is important to remember that certain types of nail symptoms can be caused by an underlying illness. For instance, vertical fingernail ridges are common, and you will likely see them (or more of them) as you get older. However, horizontal ridges are less common, and could be indicative of a health condition. If you have fingernails peeling left and right, it’s probably better to see a doctor than it is to eat a bowl of spinach.

With dedication to the overall health of your body, and a little patience, you will begin to see the results of your dietary changes and fulfillment over weeks or months. Long term maintenance will depend on your ability to adopt and adhere to a diet that is rich in beneficial vitamins and minerals.