Warts On Hands – Harmless Or Not?

Warts On Hands

Warts are unsightly, embarrassing lumps of excessive cells that seemingly enjoy the prominently visible locations of your hands and fingers. Warts on hands and fingers are not necessarily health hazards, but they can turn your moonlight beach stroll into several feet of in between awkwardness when your significant other realizes that your hand has handles.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) causes warts. While the specifics on acquiring this gem of a virus are unimportant, once you have it, you are susceptible to the little date-ruining beasties. Getting rid of warts on hands and fingers is not as difficult as you might think. And, remember, warts are ghastly and unsightly, but as long as they are not painful or bothersome, they’re harmless. The same can’t be said for plantar warts. While equally harmless, their choice location is the bottom of your foot, and they can be very painful. A different kinds of wart, juvenile warts or, flat warts, are unique because they dislike solitude and occur in large groups across the body.

Wart removal freeze techniques are becoming more and more common. This procedure, done by your doctor, uses liquid nitrogen to freeze your wart. The procedure is only slightly painful, but several treatments may be necessary. Warts on hands can also be treated with Cantharidin, also done by a physician. This substance comes from a blister beetle. The treatment is painless, but the following skin blister can be painful. Warts can also be removed in a minor surgery where they are simply cut off or destroyed with a needle. For very obnoxious warts on hands and fingers, laser wart removal treatment is an option. But, it’s extremely expensive and can leave scars so it should only be considered after exhaustion of other methods.

There aren’t many home remedies that are effective for warts, but all should be considered before taking drastic measures to remove the witch-like landmarks on your body. Salicylic acid can be purchased over the counter and is a home remedy that has proven successful, however takes quite awhile to be effective and requires numerous treatments. And, believe it or not, duct tape has been suggested as a wart remedy. Although a lengthily and tedious process involving duct tape application and soaking and grinding afterwards, duct tape might be worth giving a shot for a small, less intrusive wart.

If you have been unsuccessful in treating your warts on your own, speaking with your doctor is the best bet. He or she can guide you based on how many warts you have, what type they are, and the presence or absence of other symptoms to make good decisions on your treatment.