Why Do I Sweat So Much Under My Armpits?

Why Do I Sweat So Much

I remember sitting in a middle school class and having a sense of dread coming over me. I could feel my shirt getting wet under my arms. This made me even more nervous! I started sweating more. What was causing this excessive underarm sweating? Did my classmates know? How long would I be able to keep from raising my hand? Why do I sweat so much?

I asked my mom about my excessive sweating. She didn’t have much too say. She thought maybe I just got nervous a lot. I would find out later that nerves definitely would play a role, but they weren’t the only thing. My mom suggested that I go to my doctor and ask him why do I sweat so much. I was pretty embarrassed. Nothing about heading to the doctor’s and discussing excessive sweating treatment options sounded pleasant.

When I got to my physician’s office, we began by having a discussion. In this discussion, I explained to him how many white blouses I had ruined, and pleaded with him to tell me why do I sweat so much. He examined my health history, and indicated that excessive sweating causes were many, and could range from normal changes in perspiration to abnormal levels as a symptom of puberty, or that the symptoms could be a sign of a more serious condition like diabetes or thyroid problems. We did a blood panel to rule some of the more serious issues out, and I was thankful that I didn’t have any major health issues that were causing my increased sweating.

I was relieved to find that the answer to my question of why do I sweat so much wasn’t answerable by an illness and that environmental factors such as certain foods, drinks, caffeine and even smells might be causing my drenched baby doll tees. My nervous tendencies weren’t helping me either according to my doc, further exacerbating my condition.

I was prescribed a roll on medication that behaved as a medicated deodorant. After a week or two, I was sweat free. I was glad that I spoke to my doctor and was given advice, and treatment without being embarrassed.