Wound Gel Dressing – Top 5 Picks of Professionals!

Wound Gel Dressing

Proper treatment of wounds is critical to ensure prompt and healthy healing. While we all have something in our medicine cabinet that we slather on everyday boo boos, all wound gel products are not created equal. Try some of these professionally recommended products to promote healthful rejuvenation and even expedition of the wound healing process.

1. Petroleum Jelly: It’s effective, it’s safe, it’s cheap, truly, what more could you ask for? This magical product has been around forever and is still a great solution to encouraging moist wound healing and preventing infection by providing a thick gooey barrier from nasty germs.

2. Wound-Be-Gone: Cute name, but good product. It’s used in hospitals, which normally means you can’t have it. Not in this case. Get medical facility quality in your own home with this wound gel.

3. Au Natural: Honey might not be the best wound barrier, but Medihoney Hydrocolloid uses honey in its formula to help the skin during all stages of wound healing. With its natural composition, side effects are minimal.

4. Solosite: An inexpensive, but well reviewed wound gel, Solosite is said to not only provide the optimal healing environment, but also to shorten healing time.

5. Neosporin: Pain relief formula, fast healing formula, you name it, Neosporin has a wound gel right for your minor scrapes and cuts. It’s been around so long that almost everyone has had this greasy medicine globbed on a minor injury at some point. It’s longevity as a common household medicine cabinet fixture is indicative of its trusted status in the medical industry.

What you use to protect your wound is only a small part of the equation. Cleaning the area with a wound cleanser, your gel of choice, and proper dressing are all key components to quick and full wound treatment. If you have an injury that is slow to heal, or appears infected, seek medical treatment immediately. While risk of side effects is low with topical wound products, be on the lookout for signs that your body isn’t a fan of what you’re putting on it. Any questionable, serious, or life threatening wounds must be treated as quickly as possible by a medical professional. Make rational decisions about when a Dora band aid is and is not appropriate.